Powering Forward

Knee injuries are common for NBA players, including me. With the number of injuries and surgeries I’ve had, it’s really not surprising that in a few weeks I’ll be having a total knee replacement. Just like anyone else that is active and has young kids, I’m dealing with the pain, while keeping up with […]

Meet BGF’s Exercise Coordinator

Kimberly Berg, MS, CEP, is BGF’s exercise coordinator. Kimberly is an ACSM clinical exercise physiologist/personal trainer with over 18 years experience developing and directing various exercise programs. She leads BGF’s exercise programs and is featured in the online exercise videos. We talked with Kimberly about her job and the inspiration the Parkinson’s community brings […]

Caregiver: What’s in a Name?

To quote Juliet In Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” In medieval times, a name was often useful to indicate where someone lived, who their father was or what they did for a living. It provided clues about […]

Making Sense of Online Information

I’ve been a part of the Brian Grant Foundation since its earliest days. For the past two years, I’ve served on the Board of Directors, providing guidance to BGF’s programs for people with Parkinson’s. This year, when we decided to launch a new website, I jumped at the chance to help develop content. Because […]

Powering Forward Wellness Retreat

I attended a recent Powering Forward Wellness Retreat. I am a person with young onset PD, about five years in, progressing seemingly rapidly, with a wife and two children and plenty of incentive to keep my quality of life high. But it is not always easy. Eat right, exercise, avoid depression, communicate, etc. You […]

Impact of Daily Exercise

As a person with Parkinson’s and a physician, I know firsthand the impact that exercise has on people who are otherwise healthy or on patients dealing with some chronic health condition. However, I never expected that daily exercise would have the positive symptomatic effects that it has had for me. Beginning with the BGF […]

Ex-NBA Forward Brian Grant on Battling Parkinson’s

March 7, 2014 | LostLettermen.com
Brian Grant talks to LostLettermen.com about his ongoing battle with Parkinson’s and the work of the Brian Grant Foundation.

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