Save the Date

Is there a chance of finding love after a Parkinson’s diagnosis? That was certainly my question. I’d attend Parkinson’s events and see the loving couples, with the doting care partner, and my heart would be touched. They’d tell me their stories and I would be moved to tears. But they were already in love […]

Setting Goals for Better Health

It’s been over a month since I had my knee surgery and I’m slowly regaining my strength and range of motion. The experience has made me reflect on my goals for my health, my work with BGF, and my relationships with my family and friends. These are the things that are most important to […]

Empowered Through Community

I was first told I probably had Parkinson’s in June 2009. I had sought treatment for a variety of symptoms before then – notably left foot dystonia and restless legs – and noticed a decreasing sense of smell, but I was young and had no tremor, so I never thought PD. Why would I? […]

Bow and Arrow Exercise

Parkinson’s causes rigidity throughout the body, including the upper back, which limits rotation. Practicing upper back rotation improves balance and assists with everyday activities. Here’s a simple exercise you can do to improve rotation in your upper back:

Start with your feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent. With an erect posture, raise your hands […]

Sweet Green Shake

Some studies suggest that a type of nutrient known as anthycyanins may be beneficial for people with Parkinson’s. Anthocyanins are found in fruits and vegetables, especially berries and dark leafy greens, which are the main ingredients in May’s Shake of the Month.

Sweet Green Shake

1 cup green kale
½ cup strawberries
1 small peach
3-4 cubes ice
1/2-1cup water

Combine […]