Living With Parkinson’s

A new documentary from KVIE Public Television examines how Parkinson’s disease is now approached with a new perspective, thanks to doctors, researchers, and patients who are driving the science. The documentary includes men and women who are living with Parkinson’s, including Brian Grant. The documentary also includes the Brian Grant Foundation’s work to help […]

Berry Beautiful Shake

Just in time for summer, this shake is loaded with berries. And berries contain a nutrient called anthocyanins, which may be particularly beneficial for people with Parkinson’s. (For more information about the health benefits of berries and other nutrients that support wellness for people with Parkinson’s, view our Parkinson’s Plate page.)

Berry Beautiful […]

Parkinson’s Plate

There’s a lot of information online about nutrition and Parkinson’s. You’ve probably heard or read about nutrients that may or may not help people with Parkinson’s. But do you know what foods you should be eating? Or how much you should be eating? The Parkinson’s Plate, adapted from the USDA’s MyPlate, provides you with […]

Half Kneeling Airplane

Balance is a challenge for many people, including people with Parkinson’s. Rigid muscles and poor posture can also make twisting and bending very difficult. The half kneeling airplane exercise safely challenges balance while rotating stretching hip flexors.

Start by standing outside a mat. Take one step over the mat and kneel down on one knee […]

Gabriel Pigotti Memorial Golf Tournament

On June 19 the Second Annual Gabriel Pigotti Memorial Golf Tournament will be held at Rainier Golf & Country Club. This Grant’s Army event is an effort to raise $100,000 to benefit the Brian Grant Foundation. The day will include golfing at a beautiful course, great company, dinner and drinks. Prizes include a 2014 […]