Your Healthcare Team

Your healthcare team plays an important role in helping manage Parkinson’s symptoms and optimizing your overall health. To help you develop your healthcare team, we worked with our Program Advisory Committee to create a list of providers that can support people impacted by Parkinson’s. The list is meant as a guide to help you […]

Remaining Productive at Work

Some of my first Parkinson’s symptoms were stiffness and decreasing fine motor skills in my right arm and hand. I experienced increasing difficulty in typing and using the mouse to do daily tasks like writing emails, taking notes in meetings, and creating presentations on my PC – essential skills for my job in sales […]

Disc Golf Supports BGF

The 2014 Colton Fettig Memorial Disc Golf Tournament was held on July 26-27, 2014 at Ewing Young & Herbert Hoover Parks in conjunction with the annual Newberg Old Fashioned Festival and Parade. The fun-filled weekend included putting contests, a disc golf clinic, and a glow-in-the-dark disc golf tournament. The putting contest was a charity […]

Superman Exercise

Getting up and down from the ground is essential for health and independence. The superman exercise helps you practice getting up and down from the ground while also strengthening your back muscles. Make sure to keep your lower belly contracted to keep your back from overextending.

At your own pace, lower yourself down to […]

Basketball Camp

On August 4-7, 2014, the Skyridge Associated Student Body hosted a basketball camp for 72 kids in Camas, WA. The basketball camp honored the athletic career of our founder, Brian Grant, while also supporting our mission to empower those impacted by Parkinson’s to live active and fulfilling lives. Feeling inspired to host your own […]

Getting Your Greens

Vegetables should cover nearly half of your plate of food at each mealtime. That’s because vegetables are high in vitamins and other nutrients that are important for overall health. Studies also suggest that certain vegetables may be particularly helpful for people living with Parkinson’s. Below is information on specific nutrients found in vegetables that […]