Pints For Parkinson’s


…when Brian Grant took on the likes of Karl Malone on the Blazers court? Today he’s fighting against Parkinson’s. With programs in exercise, nutrition, and emotional health, the Brian Grant Foundation is helping people with Parkinson’s get moving, eat healthy, and feel their best. And you can help.


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Shamrock Shake

Getting ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Start the day off with a Shamrock shake. Some studies suggest that a type of nutrient known as anthocyanins may be beneficial for people with Parkinson’s. Anthocyanins are found in fruits and vegetables, especially dark leafy greens and berries, which are the main ingredients in the Shamrock shake.

Shamrock Shake

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Power Through Project

In a bold and fearless action to generate a culture that embodies tenacity, the Brian Grant Foundation and World Parkinson Coalition ® invite the global community to participate in the first ever Parkinson Power Through Project: Montreal to Portland. To encourage people living with Parkinson’s and others to exercise, the Power Through Project (PTP) […]