Year End Message from Brian

Ten years ago I retired from a 12-year career in the NBA. Shortly after hanging up my jersey, I stepped into the greatest fight of my life – the fight against Parkinson’s.

When I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2008, I knew I wanted to join the fight. With the support of all of you […]

I Dare Ya

I dare ya; I double dare ya! I think all of us as kids heard those challenges more than once. Almost always they were issued to get us to do something (like invite someone to dance or go on a date) that we might be tempted, reluctantly, to do. The words were an invitation, […]

Talking to Kids About Parkinson’s

There are over one million people in North America alone that have Parkinson’s disease with an estimated 7 – 10 million worldwide that face this challenge everyday. And they aren’t alone in their journey with this disease. There are many times that number of family and friends that are impacted by a loved one’s […]

Empowered Through Community

I was first told I probably had Parkinson’s in June 2009. I had sought treatment for a variety of symptoms before then – notably left foot dystonia and restless legs – and noticed a decreasing sense of smell, but I was young and had no tremor, so I never thought PD. Why would I? […]

My Grandpa’s Shaky Hands

“My Grandpa’s Shaky Hands” is a new book that helps families impacted by Parkinson’s talk to young children about the disease. The author, Soania Mathur, MD, was diagnosed with Young-Onset Parkinson’s at age 27. She is a dedicated patient advocate and a member of BGF’s Medical Advisory Board. Soania is also the mother of […]

Caregiver: What’s in a Name?

To quote Juliet In Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” In medieval times, a name was often useful to indicate where someone lived, who their father was or what they did for a living. It provided clues about […]

A Daughter’s Perspective

After Marsha Anthony’s father passed away of Parkinson’s, she wanted to help others living with the disease. Today the Melvin Weinstein Parkinson’s Foundation provides direct support to patients to help ease the burden of PD.

What Family Members Should Know

Living with Parkinson’s has given Hadley and John Ferguson a new perspective on life and has strengthened their relationship. Even with the challenges of the disease, together they are enjoying life with their young daughter, Sarah.

A Wife’s Perspective

Be patient. Ask questions. Go on with life. That’s just a few of the pieces of advice that Pat Baker has for others that are supporting people living with Parkinson’s. She and her husband Dan are living fulfilling lives with Parkinson’s.

A Wife’s Perspective

When someone is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease it is often a family member that takes on the role of caregiver. Natasha Ruess is no exception. When her husband, Brian, was diagnosed with the disease Natasha became a working mom and a caregiver. Together the couple is making it through the ups and downs of […]