Fight For Air Climb

When Jeff Lasley’s employer organized a team to participate in the American Lung Association’s stair climb at the US Bancorp Tower in Portland, Oregon, he wanted to participate in honor of his many loved ones who have been affected by lung disease. As a regular participant in BGF’s Powering Forward Boot Camp, Jeff was […]

New Year, New Goals

Have you made goals for 2015? Many people take the opportunity of a new year to make new personal goals – whether you’re eating healthy, exercising more, spending more time on your hobbies or more. We sat down with our founder, Brian Grant, to discuss his goals for 2015.

What are you most excited […]

I Dare Ya

I dare ya; I double dare ya! I think all of us as kids heard those challenges more than once. Almost always they were issued to get us to do something (like invite someone to dance or go on a date) that we might be tempted, reluctantly, to do. The words were an invitation, […]

Faces of Parkinson’s

Faces of Parkinson’s is a short-form documentary co-produced and hosted by Michael J. Fox. The video offers a candid view of those living with the disease today, including our founder, Brian Grant. To learn more about our founder, read Brian’s Story. Faces of Parkinson’s was produced by Michael J. Fox and Nelle […]

In Sickness and In Health

In sickness and in health…regardless of religion or cultural background, this vow usually makes its way into most wedding ceremonies. But how many of us in our relative youth at that time, actually truly understand what those words mean? “In health” is the easy part of course but what happens when unexpectedly some sort […]

My Runner’s Soul

My doctor asks if I have trouble swallowing – that night while eating dinner I do. I am not sure when the symptoms started. I like to self diagnose my problems and the internet makes it so easy. For example after a sushi dinner, the round spot on my tummy had to be ring […]

Partners in Parkinson’s

In May 2014, The Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF) and AbbVie launched Partners in Parkinson’s, a new strategic health initiative offering comprehensive support to help people with Parkinson’s optimize their care at every stage of the disease. As part of the program, the organizations recently worked with Harris Poll to conduct

Do You Have a Nutritionist?

In August 2012, I had triple bypass surgery. I have always maintained a good exercise regimen and also kept a close watch on my diet to ensure that I was eating the proper foods. My weight before the surgery was 190 pounds. In the months of rehab that followed, my weight dropped to a […]

Your Healthcare Team

Your healthcare team plays an important role in helping manage Parkinson’s symptoms and optimizing your overall health. To help you develop your healthcare team, we worked with our Program Advisory Committee to create a list of providers that can support people impacted by Parkinson’s. The list is meant as a guide to help you […]

Remaining Productive at Work

Some of my first Parkinson’s symptoms were stiffness and decreasing fine motor skills in my right arm and hand. I experienced increasing difficulty in typing and using the mouse to do daily tasks like writing emails, taking notes in meetings, and creating presentations on my PC – essential skills for my job in sales […]