The Brian Grant Foundation works with exercise experts, including our partners at the Oregon Health & Science University, to develop programs that help people with Parkinson’s perform to the best of their abilities and achieve a positive effect on their symptoms. Because of the increasing evidence that shows the importance of exercise for people with Parkinson’s, BGF is providing an online exercise program to support anyone in need, no matter their financial or geographic limitations.

Be sure to talk to your doctor before starting any exercise program. Then follow our “Ready, Set, Go” program to build a safe and effective program for you.


Safety and flexibility are critical to any exercise program – we highly encourage everyone to start this program by watching these videos.


Watch these videos to learn more about basic techniques that can help you get the most from your workout.




You’re ready for a full workout! Build up your stamina by starting with our 10 minute workout, which is also great if you’re pressed for time.