Getting up and down from the ground is essential to health and independence. This exercise gives you the opportunity to get on the ground at your own pace and work your back muscles. You will use arm and leg movements while trying to keep your core still. Also this exercise is another great way to practice a sequence through four distinct steps.


Use caution getting up and down from the ground. If you feel like you “plop” down to the ground, first work on this technique with a stable chair or object close at hand. It’s safer to lower yourself to the ground from a seated position than lowering yourself from standing. Always be aware that standing up quickly can cause a sudden drop in your blood pressure and can make you dizzy or faint which can cause injury.

Simple Equipment:

A soft non-slip exercise mat and a small hand towel rolled under your forehead are good for this exercise. You can also add small weights (1-2lbs.) to your hands, which will make it easier to get the sensation of reaching down the length of your body. If you have difficulty getting up and down from the ground, place a stable chair nearby.

Add Physical Challenge:

To increase the intensity, place your hands out in front of you and make it more of a superman looking exercise. All principles remain except the hands reach out in front as the chest comes up. You can also lift opposite arms and legs with your exhalation.

Add Mental Challenge:

This whole exercise is a mental challenge. Using opposite limbs moving in opposite directions is very challenging.