Rigid muscles and poor posture can make twisting and bending very difficult. The goal of this exercise is to challenge kneeling balance while rotating stretching hip flexors. The advanced variation also challenges our overdependence on vision.


Use caution getting up and down from the ground – standing up too quickly can cause a sudden drop in your blood pressure. Centering your shin of the kneeling leg across the top of the pad will help avoid unnecessary pressure on the kneecap.

Simple Equipment:

A pillow, cushion, foam pad or inflatable balance disc can be used. Try a variety of surfaces. If you have difficulty getting into this position, have a stable chair handy.

Add Physical Challenge:

As balance is mastered, point the toes of the back foot and attempt to keep them off the floor. When this exercise becomes easy to do with your eyes open, try wearing sunglasses, closing one eye first, and then try both. You can also add extra challenge by using a half dome BOSU.

Add Mental Challenge:

Counting out loud is the best mental challenge for this exercise.