People with Parkinson’s can have difficulty in switching movements or accurately completing tasks. This exercise connects a series of movements to create one task, and encourages proper weight shifting and loading onto the hips and feet. It also challenges you to maintain your center of gravity while moving your arms. The big movements really work your oblique muscles (the abdominal muscles responsible for twisting the trunk).


Beware of blood pressure changes and light-headedness. Keep your head higher than your heart.

Simple Equipment:

Start slow, gradually increasing speed throughout the set. To increase intensity you can use a weighted medicine ball or any object that is easy to handle and weighs between 2-15 lbs.

Add Physical Challenge:

Intensity may be increased somewhat by holding a ball slightly further away from your body or putting a ball near the ground versus at your hip. To make balancing easier you may do this kneeling on one or both knees.

Add Mental Challenge:

Counting out loud is the best mental challenge for this exercise.