This is a lumbar (low back) and abdominal strengthening exercise. The main challenge is to keep the spine quiet despite big arm and leg movements. This dead bug exercise is as much a core exercise as it is a brainteaser.


Use caution getting up and down from the ground. If you feel like you “plop” down to the ground, first work on this technique with a stable chair or object close at hand. It’s safer to lower yourself to the ground from a seated position than lowering yourself from standing. Always be aware that standing up quickly can cause a sudden drop in your blood pressure and can make you dizzy or faint which can cause injury.

Simple Equipment:

A soft non-slip exercise mat is needed for this exercise. It’s also good to have a stable chair handy.

Add Physical Challenge:

When you have mastered opposite limbs, try same side limbs. Keep your pelvis level and avoid rocking from side to side. You can also move your right arm overhead while your left leg straightens. Keep your ribcage down and your back from arching.

Add Mental Challenge:

This whole exercise is a mental challenge. Opposite limbs moving in opposite directions is very challenging.