People with Parkinson’s can have difficulty rolling over and getting out of bed. This exercise will help you recognize where you are having problems and build a corrective strategy to overcome them. Rolling patterns also increase hip and back mobility while strengthening the core.


Use caution getting up and down from the ground. If you feel like you “plop” down to the ground, first work on this technique with a stable chair or object close at hand. It’s safer to lower yourself to the ground from a seated position than lowering yourself from standing. Always be aware that standing up quickly can cause a sudden drop in your blood pressure and can make you dizzy or faint which can cause injury.

Simple Equipment:

An exercise mat is needed for this exercise. It’s also good to have a stable chair handy.

Add Physical Challenge:

This exercise is not intended to have advanced progressions. Just having a smooth transition is the goal. Do not jerk or strain to roll. Try not to use momentum to turn over. Breathing correctly is a must.

Add Mental Challenge:

Patience and awareness are the biggest mental challenge.