As the year comes to a close, we want to thank you for supporting our work to empower people impacted by Parkinson’s to live active and fulfilling lives. We’re incredibly proud of all that we’ve accomplished in 2014, made possible by your generous support:

  • Expanded our Powering Forward Wellness Retreat to all three states on the west coast
  • Hosted our first medical roundtable with neurologists, nurse practitioners and therapists
  • Held our Powering Forward Boot Camp in three locations in the Portland area
  • Launched an interactive website, with an online exercise video series, nutrition resources, blog and more!

  • Plans are underway to expand our Powering Forward programs nationwide in 2015. And, as always, our online programs are available to anyone in need, regardless of financial or geographic limitations.

    As we continue this work, we’re grateful that we can count on your support. Thank you for all that you do for the Parkinson’s community!

    Happy Holidays,
    Brian Grant Foundation

    Photo Credit: “Christmas in Portland’s Living Room” by Visitor7 – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –